The Breakaway

Naomi Jensen tries to escape her kidnappers by pretending to fall in love with one of them.

Fiction|Young Adult Suspense/Women’s Fiction


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Naomi Jensen runs away with one of her former kidnappers while also trying to heal from the emotional scars of Stockholm syndrome.

Fiction|Young Adult Suspense/Women’s Fiction

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Fourteen years after her kidnapping, Naomi seeks closure with each of her former kidnappers.

Fiction|/Women’s Fiction/Romance

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If I Forget You

When forgetful Avery Hollister heads off to college, it takes her a week to realize the guy she’s crushing on is, in fact, three different guys.

Women’s Fiction|Contemporary Romance

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Out of Tune

Twenty-year-old Maggie Roads wants nothing more than to take the stage and be a country music star just like her famous parents, but she can’t sing in tune to save her life.

Women’s Fiction|Contemporary Romance

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Streets of Glass

The heir to a drug empire finds her long-lost sister, only to discover she’s planning to bring down the family business. A gritty, but tender story of family, redemption, and what really matters in the end.


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Eighteen-year-old Miranda falls in love with a purse snatcher in Las Vegas while vacationing with her family.

Fiction|Young Adult/Romance

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Almost-retired CIA officer, Nick Avery, runs to a former lover at the Monarch Inn in order to escape the CIA and terrorists out to get him for a murder he didn’t commit.

Women’s Fiction|Romance/Thriller

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Bonded: Three Dark Fairy Tales

A collection of three fairy tale inspired novellas: Thirds (One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes), Cinders (Cinderella), and Scales (Sleeping Beauty).

Fiction|Fantasy/Fairy Tales

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