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5 Things Your Blog Needs
What Blogging Has Become
What is Blogging, Really?

all things publishing

Will Publishing Make You Happy?
Following Up on the Publishing Myth
Facing Opinionated Readers
That Big Publishing Deal Isn’t the Be-All-End-All. Really. It Isn’t.
Have You Considered Why You Were Rejected?
All About Queries and Publishing Terms
Publishing is Like a Hot Love Affair – Choosing Wisely
My Top 5 Ways of Dealing With Reviews
The Need for a Human Connection in Publishing
When You Allow Others to Decide Your Dreams
What It’s Really Like on Release Day
7 Things I’ve Learned By the Time I’ve Started my 7th Book
Why Typos Happen and Why It’s Okay
Why I Think Some Writers “Go Hermit”
How To Stand Out In a World Crammed With Books
My 10 Guidelines to Staying Sane as a (Published) Writer


Why Not to Self-Publish Your First Book Too Fast
The Loneliness of Self-Publishing
The Whole “Self-Publishing” Surge is Not New
Instead of Self-Publishing So Fast, Try This
Are You Making the Right Decision About Self-Publishing?
There Is No Going Back Once You Publish

working with other writers

Layers: Reading & Critiquing
How Do you Find a Beta Reader?
What Feedback Means for a Writer
No Magical Touchstone
There Are No Right Answers

writing process

Drama and Melodrama in Fiction – Not a Bad Thing
Foils – Do You Need Them?
Layers in Writing – Yes, You Want Them
Lies You Shouldn’t Believe About Writing
Point Of View: Multiple Characters and Story Lines
Structure in Fiction – It’s Not as Complicated as You Think
How to Categorize Fiction
My Little Revision Secret – Printing Your Manuscript in Book Form
When Friends and Family Don’t Read Your Work
When People Love You and Not Your Book
Do You Need Two Spaces After a Period?
Authors, Stop Fighting Your Instincts!
6 Things I Wish I’d Known About Being a Writer
The Unexpected Way I Found to Increase my Productivity
Reading Your Manuscript on Your Kindle
Fiction Writing Management and How to Manage it Better
Why Wasn’t I Getting Any Better?

think positive!

Isuckitis? Chin Up! You Really Don’t Suck. I Promise.
Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Writing
You Have the Power – Anything Can Change, and That’s Good!
The Difficulty, But Necessity of Being Content No Matter What
How I Celebrate My Writing
Turning Around Your Perspective – When You Can’t Hack It As An Author
Separating Productivity From Fear
Why You Shouldn’t Fear Failure
The Price of Perfection


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