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As I Ignore the World … and Try Not to Die

I have kind of fallen off the face of the planet lately, and it’s because I’ve been re-publishing books (i.e., pulling my hair out as I figure out formatting, fix glitches, redesign covers, worry and stew about everything I put out there on my own sitting dead in the water now, and generally going crazy). This … this is all why I never wanted to publish things on my own before. I have done it twice before in the past, and swore off it for good. As history has proven, I rarely actually swear off anything for good. I either revisit it for good measure, or just forget I swore off it all together. So, as circumstances have put it, here I am, standing back on good old square one. I do have back list now. That’s a good thing, if anything ever takes off, I suppose.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a little jaded at the moment, a little frustrated, and quite, quite busy getting everything up on its feet. Again. Some authors who were with my publisher only have one book to worry about republishing. I have four, plus a short story collection to redo so it can match the formatting and feel of everything else, and my short story, Catch, which I stupidly decided to publish right when all this other stuff was happening. Not. Smart. At. All. I’ve piled an elephant on my plate (well, a big portion of it was just thrown there by outside forces), and I’ve been in tears more than once. That’s all I’ll say, I guess. So that’s why I haven’t read people’s books I’m supposed to read, haven’t gone shopping for food to feed my family, had literally fifteen loads of laundry to do until a few days ago when I finally tackled it, and waited until the last second to plan my daughter’s birthday party. It’s also why I will continue to not comment on blogs (although I’m skimming them to keep up with everyone), not post much of anything on Facebook outside of my monarch butterfly’s progress as it prepares to hatch from its chrysalis soon, and not do much of anything on Twitter (that’s nothing new).

So … this hasn’t killed me yet, but if it does, I’ll put up a post about it. Er … someone else will, I hope. Wish me luck. I need it.

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My Big, Not-So-Happy News About Losing My Publisher

Rhemalda Publishing, due to several factors outside their control, are closing their doors. This not only breaks my heart for them and their broken dream, but for every single author they have published. We are all left stunned and in shock. We are sad, confused, and as a friend of mine said, gobsmacked. What an appropriate word for this, truly. I do not place blame on Rhemalda or their circumstances, and I hope nobody else does either. It is what it is, and the truth of the matter is that the state of the publishing industry as it stands does not treat new small publishers nicely. It’s a rough world out there for everyone.


Many fans of mine may be asking what will happen to my published books. Well, since I only found out about this Big Huge Gobsmacking Change a few days ago, I can’t give you fine detailed descriptions of what will be happening, but I can give you an idea. My published books will be staying up for sale for the rest of the year, but after that there will be a transition period where they will be handed over to me to decide what to do with. That’s a frightening proposition because I could easily shelve them and move on to other, better things. But that option makes me sadder than Eeyore when he’s depressed. Oh, wait, he’s always depressed. I’ve been in a depressive mood lately, sorry. Anyway, shelving those books is not an option, I’ve decided. So I will be republishing them on my own, probably with some updated covers, so that will be awesome and exciting, I hope! Be forewarned, however, that I may or may not be republishing them with print options available right away. I am still looking into what it will entail.


Ah, what a question, huh? I’m happy to say that at the moment, I have decided to take this publishing adventure by the horns and handle it myself. What that means for any of my fans is nothing but positive, exciting stuff. I will be able to get my stories out there faster to you, but don’t worry about the quality going down or anything silly like that. I will be working with my professional editor, whom I love dearly already because I have worked with her via Rhemalda for the past few years, and I plan to treat every other step of the publishing process just as professionally.

Why am I not going to get an agent and go the big publisher route? Why not another small publisher?

There are many reasons, but to keep it simple, I’ll just say that I am making a decision that is right for me as an author at this time in my career. I hope you can be as happy and excited as I am!

Am I going to offer my future books in print?

Yes, I do plan to offer print on all of my published material over a certain length. I will probably publish digitally first and then offer print just a short time after (a few days, weeks, or month, I just don’t know yet). It all depends on cash flow and where things are at in my business. Print sales are often a very small percentage for most independently published authors.

Where will my books be distributed?

My titles will be distributed to as many places as I can get them (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, etc.)  Once they are offered in print, you will be able to order them from most bookstores.

Will I have a publisher name and logo?

Why, yes, I will! I actually took care of setting up a business last year, so I’m happy to say it’s already done. I will be publishing under the publisher title MDA Books. Yes, I know it’s not discreet, but I don’t care. The point of this isn’t to hide the fact that I’m publishing my own work.

Will I be bad-mouthing traditional publishing now?

One answer. HECK NO. I have always firmly stated and believe that publishing is a different path for everyone. What makes it all go around is the diversity out there. Authors should choose what is right for them. Period. I have many, many author friends and all of them are published differently. That is to be celebrated, not condemned.


Oh, this is the best question, isn’t it? I’m excited to announce that while it is often difficult for independently published authors to announce firm release dates for many reasons, I do plan on publishing some titles very soon (like, something coming out at the end of this month kind of soon). If you want to keep up-to-date on those titles, I recommend signing up for my newsletter, since I may or may not be making announcements here on the blog outside of the release day hoopla.


Dear Rhemalda, I want to thank you for the support and generous dedication you have given me as an author. Without you taking a chance on me, I would not be where I am today, or even the same person I am today. You have changed my life, and I will never, ever forget that. As a publisher, you were hard working, sacrificing, and fiercely dedicated. As friends, you are amazingly loyal, warmhearted, and passionate about everything. My life is better because I know you, and I want you to know that I don’t regret one second of the time I’ve spent with you as an author and a friend. I wish you the best of luck with your future plans.


To anyone who takes the time to read my work, thank you. To everyone who will continue to support me no matter how I’m published, thank you. Without you, writing would not be nearly as passionate and exciting as it is for me. That is incredibly priceless. I do hope you keep reading. I will definitely keep writing!

So, folks, that’s that! When life hands you lemons, you don’t just stand there and cry. Well, maybe you stand there and cry for a little while, but then you have to do something with them. As for me, I’ve decided to be happy for what’s ahead of me. I’ve decided to make lemonade, or lemon bars, or pie, or something with lemons and sugar. I have already set some exciting plans in motion, so keep your eye out for what’s ahead!

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