Cinders (Bonded)

 Cinderella sequel. Money can’t buy love, but magic isn’t a sure bet either. Cinderella, now officially a princess, finds royal life is not what she once dreamed. When a mysterious elf from her past stirs up long-suppressed passion, Cinderella begins to wonder if there really is love beneath the spell that captured her husband’s heart. But undoing magic can be harder than casting the initial spell, and the results are even less predictable.

Cinders is a novella and is also part of the Bonded collection by Michelle D. Argyle, also available on Kindle and in print.

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 Bonded is filled with engrossing, magical storytelling. The only consolation when one story ends is knowing there’s another one waiting. | Elana Johnson, author of Possession  
Romantic and enchanting, Bonded is a beautiful, magical read. All three tales are full of love and sacrifice, while each story shows how one bond can save a person or destroy them. Ms. Argyle has a captivating voice and beautiful writing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! | Chantele Sedgwick, author of Not Your Average Fairy Tale 
Michelle Davidson Argyle’s Bonded should be right there with the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. They are darkly beautiful and wonderfully well-written. | Cherie Reich, author of The Foxwick Chronicles 
… a near perfect collection. | Rachel Hoyt from Paper Cuts reviews 
[Bonded] felt so realistic to me that I could imagine these stories as fables the magical folk tell each other as legend, in the same way that we pass down fairytales in our own world. | Tamara Epps 
Cinderella has never seemed so real. | Lissa Clouser 

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