Bonded Launch Party at The King’s English Bookstore

First, a suspenseful story.

I live about 40 minutes away from the bookstore that hosted me for my launch party. There’s a stretch of freeway between me and Salt Lake City, which means I was looking forward to a nice drive with three friends. Forty minutes of talk-time isn’t anything I’ll ever complain about! Unless, of course, I almost hit a deer on the freeway while we’re talking. It was rolling across the road, apparently just having been hit by a car. I was barreling along at about 68 mph, when my friend in the front seat pointed out that something wasn’t right up ahead (note, “up ahead” means, like, a split second up ahead). Since about six years earlier, I ran over (it was lying in the road, just hit) an entire elk on a backroad on my way to work (in a sports car, mind you), I had that flash through my head as my brain recognized the deer flopping across the road ahead of us. I swerved because I was thinking there is no way I’m running over a huge freaking deer again. I think my brain registered there wasn’t a car next to me, otherwise, I would have caused a nasty accident. Later, we learned the deer did cause a four-car pileup. Probably the people right behind us. I am very lucky to have missed the deer and not hit another car at the same time. Very lucky.

So that out of the way, we made it to my launch party right at the starting time, thank goodness! We could have all been in the hospital, but for the next three months, I’m thanking God in my prayers for keeping me and my friends safe.

The launch party itself was a fantastic, super, amazingly wonderful success! I wasn’t too nervous, I had fun reading my excerpt, and two of my good friends came dressed up as characters from the book. My six-year-old was well-behaved, and even asked a cute question during the Q&A section. There were a lot of people in the signing line (I consider it a total success if at least one book sells!), and I had so many friends and family show up, I went home with tears of gratitude in my eyes.

I want to thank every single person who came, and a huge thank you to The Kings English for hosting me! A launch party is a celebration, and that is exactly what this felt like.

Thank you to Janci Patterson and Lisa Shafer for most of these pics!

Posted by Michelle D. Argyle


Sara B. Larson

How scary!! I'm so glad you guys were okay! ANd what a fun party! I love NAtalie's costume. Congrats on a wonderful, successful night!

Your. dark. hair. looks. amazing. I think I like you better with dark hair. It totally suits you. It makes your skin look awesome and your eyes pop.Wish I could have been there for the signing party! I'm so looking forward to reading the book. (After the NaNo madness is over, haha.)

Davin Malasarn

That poor deer! But I'm glad the launch party went well. The pictures are fantastic. It looks like everyone had fun.

Danny and Dess

I wish I could have been there! I glad it was a success!!!

It was an awesome night, Michelle. You were amazing and I'm so glad I got to celebrate Bonded with you. πŸ™‚

Enjoyed it! It was fun.Thanks for inviting us!

I'm so happy it was such a success. πŸ™‚

So fun! Glad you had a great launch for such a great book!

How exciting!! Sorry I didn't make it up. So glad it was a good turn out and glad you didn't hit that deer!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Thank you, Sara! Natalie's is fantastic, isn't it? The black-lined bell sleeves are my favorite. πŸ™‚

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Aww, thank you, Jaimie! I think that's why I like the darker better too. I love the way it makes my skin-tone work better. Hope you get to read Bonded, for sure! Good luck with NaNo!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Davin, I kept thinking about that deer last night. I wish they were smarter animals, but they just act on pure instinct, and unfortunately, that includes darting into traffic at times. Alas.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Dess, I missed you so much! I hope you aren't still sick. πŸ™

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Ilima, thank you so much for coming! I know your evening sounded super-hectic, so I hope the party was relaxing for you!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Melissa, Cinders would not be what it is without you! I owe you so much. *HUGS*

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Candice, thanks! I'm happy I didn't hit that deer and ruin the whole night. I'm just sad for the people who did, though!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Robin, thank you! It's a night I will remember for a long time. πŸ™‚

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Alyse, I know you have a lot going on, but I did miss you so much!

Nichole Giles

Eep! Didn't hear about the deer last night. So glad you made it safely. That's so scary. Also have to wish you congratulations once more. Great party, great book, great author. Hugs!

L.T. Elliot

That is amazing! Hand of God right there! I'm so glad you and your friends are okay. That's a close call.The launch was beautiful. And what cool friends to dress up, huh? Thank you so much for my copy. I'm digging into it tonight! Yay!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Yeah, the deer was a crazy story! Thank you so much for coming. I was SO happy you came so I could see you before you leave!

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Definitely the hand of God! I'm so glad we got through unscathed. Also, I was thrilled you came! *HUGS*

scott g.f.bailey

We almost hit a deer coming back from Oregon last year. Thank God for antilock brakes.Your launch party looks like it was a blast! I wish I could've been there. Someday, I promise! I'll show up with my stack of books for you to sign.Also, your hair looks fabulous.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Thanks, Scott! I'm sad to hear you almost hit a deer too. I suppose if we lived in Australia, it would be kangaroos! I want to go to your launch party if you have one! If, by some miracle, I have the means, I'm so coming. With a stack of books (all those Lulu copies I have!) πŸ™‚