What Blogging Has Become

Well, this is about what blogging has become for me, at least. But it’s also where I think blogging is headed. My friend, February Grace, wrote a blog post this morning about blogging and how she thinks it might be going the way of the Dodo. While I think blogging has definitely slowed and become seemingly less popular than other forms of social networking, I don’t believe it’s going to die or has died. For me, at least, blogging has become a personal corner more than a network. In fact, I don’t see it as a network at all anymore. Some blogs are an exception, like book-review blogs aiming to network readers. But my blog is a writing journal and place to post updates and news about my books for those who are interested. And that’s pretty much it. If I mention other books outside of my own, it’s usually in my newsletter. I don’t think this is selfish, and I don’t think it’s inappropriate. I think it’s what blogging started out as, and somewhere along the line Blogger decided to create this thing called “Friend Connect” where you can follow other people’s blogs and it shows how many followers each blog has. While I think this little gadget is quite handy and great, it also seemed to create an entirely new level of blogging that expanded into networking. 

I do believe the word “blogging” came from “weblog”, and to me a log is an official, consistent recording of events. I like that. I like that my blog can be that instead of a networking site. I will hold giveaways, yes, and occasionally share things that are network-related, but for the most part, I just want my blog to be more of a weblog these days. It feels so much more doable. I greatly appreciate readers here, as well as those who take the time to email me in response to posts. It does mean a lot, but lurkers are more than welcome too!

The sad thing is that I think a lot of bloggers are feeling their readers drop off more and more. Less comments, less hits, etc., and taking that personally. Heaven knows I used to. But I think it’s a good thing to instead look at it as a good change – a time when blogging comes with less pressure and can be more personalized. I think that’s a happy, happy thing. After all, there are countless other social networking options where we can network. It’s nice that blogging, for those who like it, can become a quieter corner of our online world.

Posted by Michelle D. Argyle

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