7 Things I’ve Learned by the Time I’ve Started My 7th Book

These are seven things I tell myself these days as I write. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the business of writing, and it’s so easy to feel like your dreams will never arrive – whether that dream is stepping into the land of the published or simply finishing a book that feels like it might kill you before you write that last sentence.

(1) Writing a book is never easy. In fact, I’d say it gets harder with each new book.

(2) It’s good to outline. But it’s good to write organically. So I find a happy middle with a loose, plot-based outline I’m not afraid to change.

(3) It’s a good thing to believe what you’re writing is absolutely brilliant, but if you can’t listen to feedback (even if it’s your own inner-editor) and admit that your supposed brilliance might need a lot more work, your book is doomed to mediocrity.

(4) People will hate your book. People will love your book. Accept that and move on and remind yourself that you aren’t writing it for the people who will hate it.

(5) You do not have to be inspired to write great things. You do have to work hard.

(6) Rely on the instincts you’ve been building since that first book. Instinct can be everything. And when you are stuck, it means you and your story need to breathe. So breathe.

(7) Publishing never was and never will be everything. It is merely a small step in the great, mostly internal things you will accomplish with your writing.

Posted by Michelle D. Argyle

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