I Will Never Be the Same Without You

michelle-d-argyle-the-breakaway-coverThe Breakaway is in layout at the moment. My publisher let me have a peek, and it looks so good! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. That feeling never, ever gets old, it seems. But as I prepare for the book’s launch, I feel a sense of sadness. This book has literally changed my life. It has been with me during almost every huge event in my life. The only way I can describe it is like a colored filter tinging everything.

I won’t lie. The characters are an extension of me. The best thing anyone has ever said about the book has been that the book itself is a character and all the characters within it represent a personality type – parts of my personality. I had never thought of the book in this way, but when that was pointed out to me, it was like a puzzle piece sliding into place. No wonder it’s so freaking close to me, right? No wonder it will be so difficult to put it out there.

I will never be the same without this book in a working mode. Once it’s published, it’s settled completely, and it’s all over. I will be left with how the book has changed me as I worked on it. I wonder if it will keep changing me once it’s out there. I wonder if it will change in my mind, if it will become less important to me, if I will still obsess about the characters. It will be interesting to see!


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