The Socks

The Breakaway (The Breakaway #1)

There is a reason I love this image for my cover of The Breakaway. That is Naomi, my eighteen-year-old protagonist who is kidnapped by a family of jewel thieves. Why do I love the image so much?

The socks.

I love the socks. That may sound odd. Oh well. I love the socks because her kidnappers take her shoes, but give her everything else she needs (except freedom, of course). That’s one of my favorite details of the entire novel – that they take her shoes, and I love the socks because they encapsulate the strangeness of Naomi’s situation. They seem out of place with her summery outfit, which is perfect because she’s taken from California to a different, much colder state.

The reason I’m writing this post today is because I was talking to a good friend last night about my cover and what I love about it and I thought it would be fun to share little things like this here on my blog. Sometimes it’s all in the details and those things need to be showcased if they make you happy. The socks make me happy!

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Amie McCracken

It's great that your cover really portrays your book. It's horribly cliche, but sometimes the cover is why I get a book. And if it has even more meaning after I've read it then I'm even more excited about it. My eyes like pretty things.

I like the emotion your cover brings out. I want to know why the girl is sitting outside the door looking so upset. It makes me want to dive into your story to find out.

Michael Offutt

I could send you some socks for Christmas. I'm sure they'd be made in China.

Funny, the first thing I noticed about the cover was the socks. I was wondering, where are her shoes?

Like I said when you revealed this cover.. I love it. I can't even put my finger on why I think it is so awesome, but it makes me REALLY want to read the book 🙂

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Amie: You know, I'm really swayed by covers, too. And more now than I used to be. Terrible of me, I know, but oh well.I just really love covers and pretty things, too. I'm a huge sucker for packaging.Mary: Oh, there's definitely a reason she's upset, poor thing. Sigh. Can't wait for it to be out!Michael: Sounds great! Make sure they are warm.Jake: Yay! I love that you noticed the socks first. 🙂Melissa: I'm going to have a signup for the few ARCs I'm giving out. Hope you sign up!

covers are very important, imo. And I agree with mary about how the cover prompts questions.

Chantele Sedgwick

I love socks. I have a ton of different colors and own no plain white ones. Just an interesting tidbit about me. 😉

My first thought when I noticed the socks was, "Those totally don't match her outfit. Why didn't they give her white or blue socks?" And my next thought was, "At least they gave her a cushion to sit on."

Michelle Davidson Argyle

mshatch: Thanks for coming by! Yeah, the point of the cover is to elicit mystery and danger and questions above all. 🙂Chantele: I love socks, too. They are my favorite part of winter.Becca: She can cry in comfort! They are so nice. Hehe.

Stephanie McGee

I think the covers for your books are among the best out there. Just saying.

I'll just fess up. The socks drove me insane for the selfish, petty reason that I had in my head that she was the no socks type for some reason, and so I had her barefoot the entire time and the socks just ruined my entire mental image of Naomi.Stupid, but true. :)And, hey, it doesn't make me like anything less.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Stephanie: You're too nice! I certainly love them, lol.Nevets: That sounds like a personal issue, Mr. Nevets. Hehehe. But joking aside, the draft you read mentioned socks, like, NEVER. So I don't blame you. I may add something about socks in the final in edits. 🙂

haha It is entirely a personal issue, I freely admit. My hangups are numerous and ludicrous. 😀

Great socks! And she definitely looks like a California girl. 😀

I'll admit, I didn't notice that the socks were out of place. The cover is so well done that it blended in for me – something for my subconscious to pick up as one more reason things were ominous.Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoy these kinds of posts that show more about what you see, craft, and care about. Please thank the friend that inspired it for me, too!

Amber Argyle, author

I love her skin. She has the most gorgeous skin. It's like butter.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Nevets: Hehehe, I think it makes you fun!Janet: Yeah, she's got nice tan skin. 🙂Alicia: I wasn't sure anyone would notice the socks, honestly. I think there's more going on in the cover than first appears. I certainly can't stop looking at it. Of course, I can't stop looking at any of my covers, lol. I love that part of being a writer!Amber: Oh, I know! I want her skin!

J.R. Johansson

I totally love that about her socks. Plus, she looks so small and vulnerable and she's faced with such a tough situation/decision. It just says so much. 🙂 Love.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Jenn: Aww, thank you! She totally brings it all on herself after a certain point, but the poor thing has been abused, so it's just a cycle she has to fight through. Hence the title. Glad you love!

Derico Photography

Personally, I WANT those socks… they look all sorts of warm and cozy!

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