My Best Advice for Aspiring Writers

I get asked a lot what advice I have for aspiring writers. Sometimes I’m not sure how to answer because I’m afraid they expect a golden nugget of wisdom—something truly inspiring and different from anything they’ve ever heard before. I know when I was starting out, that’s what I expected. There had to be some secret, some surefire way not only to get published but to make it big, as well.

These days, when I’m asked what advice I can give authors, the answer comes a little more easily. It’s because after so many published books, so much marketing, and so much interaction with other authors, I’ve discovered only one thing matters when it comes to writing: keep writing. There’s only one way to get better, one way to get published, and one way to keep your career moving once you are published, and that is to keep writing no matter what gets in your way. Finish one book and write another, and another, and another. Get lots of feedback, and keep writing. Everything else is secondary.

Posted by Michelle D. Argyle

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I needed this reminder. Thank you. 🙂

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