How the Bonded Fairy Tale Collection Compares to Disney

I have a lot of people ask me how my fairy tale interpretations compare to the widely known Disney versions, and whether or not I was inspired by the Disney versions. Honestly, it has been different for each novella in the Bonded collection, so I’ll start with Cinders first.

Overall, I was inspired to write Cinders, a continuation of Cinderella, because of Disney. I got the idea when I watched a trailer for Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. I thought to myself, what sort of story would I tell after Cinderella married her prince? The idea was planted, and it took off! After that, however, I stayed far away from pumpkins and talking mice and a cheery fairy godmother. I did, however, take the idea of a fairy godmother from Disney, since the original doesn’t personify the magic giver. Instead, it’s a tree and birds, which give Cinderella her dress and shoes. My version of Cinderella, hinted at in Cinders, is really my own mish-mash of ideas woven together to work for the story I wanted to tell.Thirds, a retelling of One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes, was obviously not taken from Disney, since Disney has not told the fairy tale. I used the Brothers Grimm version as my base, and twisted a bunch of the story to work for the setting I used. It’s one of my favorites because so many people do not know the fairy tale!For Scales, a prequel to Sleeping Beauty, I most heavily relied on the Disney version of the tale as my basis. The reason I did this is because I am fascinated with Disney’s rendition of the evil sorceress (Maleficent) turning into a dragon. This does not occur in any original tales I could find. I kept thinking, why does she turn into a dragon? Why is she so angry with the king and queen? In the Disney version, the only explanation is that she wasn’t invited to the celebration, but why wasn’t she, exactly? I wanted to know more of her story, so I decided to explore her point of view in Scales. The story that unfolds is interesting, indeed!

So there you have my explanations of how the three novellas in Bonded tie in with the Disney versions of the fairy tales. A large difference in my stories is that I try to stick to a darker, more realistic view of these tales instead of focusing on happy endings. If you love fairy tales, I hope this peaks your interest in the book!

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Oh gosh I didn't know Scales was about that. I can't wait to read. In fact I'm buying it now, to prepare TO PREPARE. (Maybe I'll have time to sneak it in before NaNo is up…)

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Jaimie, I wish I could make it really well-known that Scales is based on Maleficent, but I haven't figured out a way to do that, really. I think I'd get a lot of interested readers!

Weird, this post is dated 2008? Can't you just say it? I'm deducing the Disney copyright prohibits you from doing that? Even hearing "This is about the origin story of the Sleeping Beauty villain…" triggers the Disney version in my head, but maybe you've already done that.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Jaimie, yeah, it's dated 2008 because it's technically archived. All my Literary Lab posts are 2008 as well. That way all of my archived posts aren't all mixed up in the timeline. They're at the end. Anyway, I can say it, yes. I've said it several times, but it's not in the cover copy from my publisher, and it's not clearly stated in any descriptions, mostly because, yeah, I can't technically use the Maleficent name to sell my book. So far, like in my trailer, I've used "evil sorceress from Sleeping Beauty". 🙂

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Oh, and I meant to say that it's archived because it didn't originally appear here on my blog. It was a guest post on another blog. 🙂

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